Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild

Fauna and Flora (CITES)

Sixteenth Meeting of the Conference of the Parties (CoP16)

Bangkok (Thailand), 3-14 March 2013

Strategic matters: Committee Reports & Recommendations
Standing Committee Report of the Chair, CoP16 Doc. 10.1.1
Animals Committee Report of the Chair, CoP16 Doc. 10.2.1
Wildlife Trade Policy Reviews, CoP16 Doc. 20
International Consortium on Combating Wildlife Crime, CoP16 Inf. 8

Review of Resolutions and Decisions
Registration of operations that breed Appendix I animal species for commercial purposes, CoP16 Doc. 25 Annex 9

Species Trade and Conservation, Asian Big Cats
Report of the Secretariat, CoP16 Doc. 50
Conservation of and Trade in Asian Big Cats, Report from China, CoP16 Doc. 50, Rev. 1 Annex 3 b
Draft Decisions Asian Big Cats, CoP16 Com. II. 30

Compliance and enforcement
Illegal trade in cheetahs, submitted by Ethiopia, Kenya, and Uganda CoP16 Doc. XXX

Interpretation and Implementation of the Convention
Trade control and marking, leopard quotas, submitted by Botswana, South Africa, and the United States CoP16 Doc. XX
See also revised leopard quotas document CoP16 Doc. 52 Rev 1
Draft Decisions Leopard Quotas, CoP16 Com. II. 33
Amendment of the Appendices, review of the appendcies, Felidae CoP16 Doc. 74.2
Draft Revision of Decision 13.93 (REV. CoP15), Directed to Animals Committee, CoP16 Com. I. 11

In a press release issued from Bangkok, CITES provided the following summary on Big Cats: "Range States were requested to organize national seminars in Appendix-I Asian big cats, involving all relevant enforcement agencies, to promote a multi-disciplinary approach that will facilitate improved coordination and cooperation in the detection, investigation and prosecution of wildlife crime offences. An agreement was also reached to undertake a study on cheetahs to determine how best to address the alleged illegal trade in live specimens; and better rules were adopted to refine the leopard trophy hunting system."

The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA), in conjunction with CoP16, dispatched their report on the tiger trade crisis: Hidden in Plain Sight: China's Clandestine Tiger Trade

The next Conference of the Parties, CoP17, will take place in South Africa in 2016.

Conference of the Parties CoP15 March 2010,


Conference of the Parties

The Parties, member States (countries) to CITES are collectively referred to as the Conference of the Parties CoPs. Every two to three years, the CoPs meet to review the implementation of the Convention. The Conference provides the Parties a forum to:

  • review progress in the conservation of species included in the Appendices;
  • consider (and where appropriate adopt) proposals to amend the lists of species in Appendices I and II;
  • consider discussion documents and reports from the Parties, the permanent committees, the Secretariat and working groups;
  • recommend measures to improve the effectiveness of the Convention; and
  • make provisions (including the adoption of a budget) necessary to allow the Secretariat to function effectively.

NB: One new Party has acceded to the Convention since CoP15: Bahrain. The total number of Parties to the Convention is now 176.

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