The WildCat Conservation Legal Aid Society is proud to announce the first limited edition, pen & ink drawing, in our Big Cat Series of the Amur Tiger, by artist E. Dunbar Stewart!

Amur Tiger, E. Dunbar Stewart

18x12 (unframed)

Limited Edition Signed & Numbered Print




The Leopard, the second pen & ink drawing in the Big Cat Series, by artist E. Dunbar Stewart, is now available for purchase!

The Leopard, E. Dunbar Stewart

12x18 (unframed)

Limited Edition Signed & Numbered Print




The Snow Leopard, by artist, E. Dunbar Stewart, will be available for purchase in 2015.

The Snow Leopard, E. Dunbar Stewart

Available for purchase in 2015.


The WildCat Conservation Legal Aid Society takes great pride in its collection of wildcat photography and we hope you enjoy the incredible images assembled on the website.

The wildcat photographs appearing throughout the website, have been recaptured in an imaging process known as the Daguerreotype, invented by Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre in 1839. The Daguerreotype processing involved capturing the images directly on a highly polished, thin piece of silver-plated copper. The plate was sensitized in a closed box over iodine, and transferred to the camera in a lightproof holder. After being exposed to light, the plate was developed over hot mercury until an image appeared.

Note to artists:

Please contact us at if you have wildcat art or photographs that you would like to contribute to the WildCat Conservation Legal Aid Society for inclusion on our website, in our publications or to be featured as a WCCLAS gallery artist!