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June 4, 2013: In support of the construction of our captive wildcats database, Project Sabu, we created an introductory video! WCCLAS Project Sabu Video Presentation 062013.
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WildCat Conservation Legal Aid Society thanks all that attended the
Law Library of Congress ~ Power Lunch Series
on Wednesday, July 10, 2013
"America's Captive Big Cats," presented by
Lisa Ann Tekancic, Esq. President & CEO
WildCat Conservation Legal Aid Society
Law Library of Congress ~ Power Lunch Series ~ "America's Captive Big Cats"

The American Tiger
"Privately owned pampered American tigers are fatter, live longer and have never had to hunt for their dinner. Many Scientists believe these tigers serve no purpose and call them 'junk tigers.' Others believe their unique genetic makeup could help save wild populations. But no one really knows if these captive bred tigers can be taught to hunt and be re-introduced into the wild. And many of these tigers are a mixture of different subspecies, which scientists claim makes them ineligible for re-introduction."

Montreal-based Peripheria Productions presents a startling and very up-close and personal look at the debate over The American Tiger, in this most informative documentary. Part of the debate involves the issues and effectiveness of the federal, state, and local laws related to the private ownership of tigers. Watch closely for interview segments with Lisa Ann Tekancic, president of WildCat Conservation Legal Aid Society, as she explains the legal complexities of the controversy.

The American Tiger, on CBC-TV's The Nature of Things with David Suzuki, premiere 02.02.2012 CBC Nature of Things

Mongabay: "Dangerous and exploitative: a look at pet wild cats"

Lisa Ann Tekancic

Lisa Ann Tekancic, president of the WildCat Conservation Legal Aid Society spoke with Laurel Neme on her The WildLife radio show and podcast about captive wildcats and the wildcat pet trade. During her interview, Lisa describes the history of wildcats in captivity--from the Roman spectator games and royal menageries--to their current status as private pets; for commercial use in the entertainment industry, roadside zoos, and pseudo-sanctuaries; the ill affects and dangers involved with keeping wildcats; and provides an overview of the current applicable federal, state, and local laws. She notes the only thing that is predictable about a wildcat is its unpredictability; that wildcats will always be wild despite years of captive breeding. A podcast of the interview is available at: www.laurelneme.com

WildCat Conservation Legal Aid Society is partnering with The Kerulos Center's Sacred Bones, an educate to action program for wildlife renewal. "Saving animal kin requires crafting ways of living that support nature and builds the capacity to make change. Sacred Bones was designed to catalyze this process of reconciliation and responsibility." ~ G.A. Bradshaw, PhD, Executive Director, The Kerulos Center. For more information on the Sacred Bones educational journey, please visit:   www.kerulos.org

WildCat Conservation Legal Aid Society is a member organization of the International Tiger Coalition!

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