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Wild tigers and captive tigers need all our help! Here you will find the latest news, reports, campaigns, and events happening around the world about wild and captive tigers. Please learn all you can about all tigers and help make every year the Year of the Tiger and for all wildcats!

International Tiger Conservation Forum ~ Tiger Summit

11.24.10:  Glimmer of hope for tiger after Russia summit

11.24.10:  Inside Burma's illegal trade in tigers

11.23.10:  Experts: Demand in China fuels tiger poaching

11.22.10:   Wen visits Russia to secure energy prices (and tigers)

11.22.10:   We Can Save the Tiger

11.21.10:  Vladimir Putin and World Bank chief stage summit to save the tiger

11.21.10:  Wild tigers could be extinct in 12 years if unprotected

11.20.10:  Wildlife group targets Burma-China tiger trade

11.20.10:  Tiger's last hope: Can a four-day forum, aimed at saving the world's biggest cat from extinction, make a difference?

11.20.10:  Think of tigers and consider reopening trade

11.20.10:  Putin on the prowl to save world's endangered tigers

11.20.10:  Protecting where the wild things are

11.20.10:  Russia bans Korean pine logging ahead of summit

11.20.10:  Tiger summit aims to double numbers

11.20.10:  Farms to harvest rare animal parts are not the answer

11.19.10:  City prepares to host International Tiger Summit

11.19.10:  Two tigers killed by poachers, poisoning on eve of global summit

11.19.10:  Eight more tiger reserves likely in India

11.19.10:  Tigers will see no Thai PM to settle their problem

11.18.10:  Tiger Summit Gets Support from Senator John Kerry and Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo

11.18.10:  Conservation, not conversation

11.16.10:  Rare tiger killed by poachers in Siberia

11.16.10:  Tiger skin seized on city outskirts

11.16.10:  Vietnamese man 'nabed with frozen tiger'

11.13.10:  Yes We Can! Don't give up on the tigers

11.09.10:  One last chance: can we save the tiger?

09.24.10:  Vietnam's soft conservation policies hard on tigers

Live tiger cub found in carry on bag

Bangkok, Thailand, August 26, 2010:  A two-month old tiger cub was found sedated and hidden among stuffed-tiger toys in the luggage of a woman at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

07.14.10:  13 nations pledge to double tiger population by 2022

07.14.10:  Tiger-rescue plan to be drawn up in Indonesia

07.14.10:  Asian officials extend lifeline for wild tigers

07.13.10:  Bali tiger meeting, the chance to be a conservation leader

07.13.10:  SAARC Ministers to discuss tiger issue in Nepal

07.12.10:  Countries meet in effort to tackle illegal tiger trade

07.07.10:  Indonesia holds firm to controversial 'Rent-A-Tiger Plan' ahead of conservation meeting

"Plight of the Jungle King--Protect the Last Wild Tiger"
May 29 through October 8, 2010

The International Fund for Animal Welfare, IFAW, opened a tiger exhibition at the National Zoological Museum in Beijing. The exhibit commemorates the 17th anniversary of China's tiger trade ban. Featured events include performances by Chinese folk artists celebrating the significance of the tiger in Chinese culture, hand crafts, and a children's play depicting the need to end tiger trade and to protect wild tigers.

05.25.10: Twelve Tiger Poachers Convicted

In a landmark judgment, the Additional District Judge in a court in Allahabad today convicted 12 tiger poachersunder the Wild Life Protection Act. The poachers, who belong to Katni in Madhya Pradesh, have been sentenced to 3 years rigorous imprisonment and fined a sum of Rs. 10,000. Ten of the 12 convicted were women.

Crunch time for the wild tiger

Tiger film scoops prestigious festival award

Siberian tiger parts not used for liquor

11 Siberian tigers starved to death after assault on keeper at China zoo

China boost on eve of Doha meet

Call to close tiger farms disputed

Chinese zoo blamed for death of 11 Siberian tigers

Eleven rare Siberian tigers die at Chinese zoo

Mobile phone video from Malaysia showing the arrogance of one criminal gang of tiger poachers

Exposed: Dark secret of the farm where tigers' bodies are plundered to make £185 wine

China Intensifies Tug of War With India on Nepal

Year Of The Tiger Points Up Big Cat's Plight

Save the tiger!

Harmony with environment the new growth imperative

Tiger Farms in China Feed Thirst for Parts

Will the Year of the Tiger Be Good for the Tiger?

China considers legalizing tiger trade to curb poaching

Future of China's Tiger Farms in the Balance

China's Tiger Farms Spark a Standoff: Economists Propose Legalizing Sale of Some Animal Parts, as Poachers and Shrinking Habitat Thin Ranks in the Wild

Asia's Big Cat Struggles in Year of the Tiger

WWF launches year of the tiger to safeguard endangered species

Clawing out a future for wild tigers

Chinese Year of the Tiger: life-like tiger painted in human bodies

Saving China's tigers: too little, too late?

Celebrities add glitz to tiger conservation

Malaysia tribesman being paid to poach tigers: WWF

Tigers on verge of extinction, WWF Warns

Jackie Chan's Tiger Appeal

Stamp out the tiger trade

Conservationists criticize Indonesia’s mixed-up tiger policies

Details of re-wilding South China Tigers written into book

Russia Announces Tiger Summit

Tiger Drawings

World Bank chief Zoellick makes plea to save tigers

World Bank calls for China, other Asian countries to shut down tiger farms

Indonesia eyes pet market for endangered tigers

Indonesia mulls adoptions to preserve Sumatran tigers

Ominous onset of new year for big cats

China taking steps to prevent illegal trade in tiger parts

China wakes up, calls for protection of tigers


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